Wednesday Mid Week Night Airsoft

Wednesday night airsoft just cut the week in half, that doesn't  mean you'l have half the fun playing airsoft in our interior airsoft field you'll have the full pleasure of playing airsoft as the one you'll get on week end, Come play with your friends for a super Wednesday airsoft night with us at Army Globe Battlefield.

- All Airsoft game mode play

- Rainbow six Siege, CQB, Breaching rooms, team death match on our 2-3 floors interior airsoft field.

Intense and safe action in a covid restrictions safe field!

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Because our field is close quarter urban combat, we require that all guns playing in our arena are shooting at 1.4 Joules or less, or 400 fps with 0,20g bbs for all guns, We ask also the players to play with biodegradable bbs as they will be biodegrade in time in nature when will be the time for us to change the sand in our indoor airsoft field.

War doesn't rest, Neither are the Soldiers

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