Waiver of responsibility

I declare to release all responsibilities in the event of an accident of any kind or damage without any exceptions or reserves to ARMY GLOBE BATTLEFIELD. It is my responsibility to take care of my own safety by taking the necessary precautions during the activity in the field. I understand accidents or falls may occur cause by obstacles or broken materials, or event accident inherent of the activity and that the consequences can involve serious injury and even death.  I pledge to take under my sole responsibility any incident that may occur during the activity. I agree to respect the rules of safety, all the rules applying to the activity and the Field Safety Rules, pledge to follow them at all time and to respect the instructions of the organizers and/or the Responsible and/or the Employees. I also take into account that the organizers and/or the Responsible and/or the Employees will enforce the safety rules established to avoid any risk and/or danger. Any participant who refuses to respect the Rules, or who is considered problematic for the game and who may be a risk to his own safety, safety of other participants or to the activity itself, will be expelled from the field with no possibility of refund of any kind.

It is my sole responsibility to look after my belongings and the belongings of others. I will not hold the organization and/or the organizers and/or the Responsible and/or the Employees nor the owners responsible in case of loss, stolen items or breaking of my belongings.

I also agree to take care of the rental equipment and equipment of others players, the buildings and all equipment on the property and to return any item that does not belong to me at the end of the game.

I declare to be in good physical condition to play.

It is forbidden to play under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I agree and authorize Army Globe Battlefield to use any pictures or videos in which I may appear for Marketing or any other purposes we may require.

I agree to receive email about activities, newsletters, publicity etc, we can share your information to our other company but we will not sale your email to any other external companies

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