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Army Globe Squid Game !!!

Come play with us and live the Squid Game Experience !

If you want to live the real Squid Game Experience, Register now to our Super special Event Army Globe Squid Game, where you will play games and if you loose, you'll be eliminated, like in the real Squid game, only difference, you won't die for real.

No special aptitude needed, just a good attitude, you'll have to try to survive to the games we prepare just for your amusement. If you survive, you have the chance to win our grand prize. Every time a player is eliminated the Jackpot grow. to reach a maximum of 1000$.

3 Rules:

Clause 1. A player is allowed to play only with waiver of responsibility signed

Clause 2. A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.

Clause 3. If all the players agreed to stop playing. The game is allowed to end and prize will be share among surviving players.

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