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Great Paintball and Airsoft Field for great players

Located at 8132 Jean -Brillon in Lasalle, the place was well know as Arnold's paintball in teh past. We haven't changed a lot as we redising just a little so players are not lost when they play on the field.

Who are we? At Army Globe Battlefield, we are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through pleasure playing paintball or airsoft. We offer a great paintball or airsoft experience to all of our clients, solo or in group we got you covered.

Our 21 500 square feet indoor facility which includes 16 000+ Sqft are designed to to optimize the fun youll get. we can play on out two floor CQB building, breaching room, the church, attack / defense in the mountain, yes we have an interior mountain with caves... or open field, with different game mode adapting to different clientels, Whether you are an individual, small group or big group, our trained staff will make your day the best paintball or airsoft experience possible.

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