Tuesday Collateral damage Airsoft

2023-01-03 18:00 au 2023-01-03 22:00 (Canada/Eastern)

LaSalle, Canada

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* Minimum age 12 years old / age minimum 12 ans

Tuesday Collateral damage = Fun

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The only collateral damage you'll get is "Fun"

Airsoft Collateral damage playing airsoft at Army Globe Battlefield is a lot of fun for everyone so come and play with your friends on Tuesday Collateral damage at AG battlefield

Open play and/or reservation available.
Indoor field in Montreal
2 and 3 floor buildings, CQB area and breaching rooms
All game mode
Intense and safe action!!!
Bio bbs only
No lasers
Joules 1.4 (400FPS with 0.2g)
ROF 40 bps (max Rate of fire)
No freeze (Gentleman’s rule)
semi auto and Full auto (not in buildings)
HPA Air included
Lockers available
Non-members $39.99 / members $29.99

Fair play only if any problems you’ll be asked to leave no refund

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Army Globe Battlefield Paintball and Airsoft
8132 Jean-Brillon
    LaSalle QC H8N 2J5


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Army Globe Battlefield Paintball and Airsoft

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