AGBL 3V3 LEAGUE ALPHA division (competition)

2022-04-16 09:00 au 2022-04-16 13:00 (Canada/Eastern)

LaSalle, Canada

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AGBL Alpha team
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SPEEDBALL 3v3 ALPHA (Competition Division)

Only 5 teams allowed

Army Globe Battlefield League (AGBL) is an interior speedball league featuring 3v3 games play. Basic NXL Speedball rules apply, plus a special flag rules to avoid any tie game. Our inside speedball field is a really fast game play, 2 min round, elimination style game, first 3 round win, wins the point.

Each team representing a field is allowed to bring 4 cases, min 3 star

Each team consist in 5 Men rooster ( 3 players, 1 spare + one coach) and coaches can play.

League games will be held every 3rd Saturday of the month for 6 month. last month is the final and prize will be given at the end of the season.

We will have two season per year, summer from march to August and winter from September to February.

For those interested in a more casual and recreational league, we have created the Omega division which will be held in rotation with the Alpha teams. for more info click here !

Welcome to our league!

*Subject to change at anytime


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Army Globe Battlefield Paintball and Airsoft
8132 Jean-Brillon
    LaSalle QC H8N 2J5


De 2022-04-16 09:00
à 2022-04-16 13:00


Army Globe Battlefield Paintball and Airsoft

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