04/22/2022 18:00 to 04/22/2022 23:59 (Canada/Eastern)

LaSalle, Canada


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Flash Milsim Scenario (30 min.)

Introduction to milsim

Real cap

Night ops in complete darkness

Shemagh and flashlight mandatory

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In collaboration with RAGNAROK, Army Globe Batlefield is pleased to present the airsoft Milsim event - SWAT NIGHT.

The situation is serious. You receive this communication through your Band of Bothers and your expertise in tactical intervention. A criminal cell called "El Pendejos" has maintained a climate of terror for several months in the East of the country. Having no official leaders and acting at different levels, several of its members are linked to human trafficking, weapons, drugs and have a history of violent crimes. In the last three weeks, 17 kidnapping have been attempted against various members of the political community, which 4 have ended in success. The 4 missing persons had close ties to the construction industry as well as important economic sectors. We still haven't been able to locate them.

In response to these activities, the Special Operations Forces Command decided to form a new intervention unit: JTF3. You will therefore, if you take up the challenge, be at the heart of JTF3 operations which will last for an indefinite period of time, or at least until the activities of El Pendejos are reduced to a minimum. The rules of engagement are simple: Within the secured operation perimeter, any other uniform is considered hostile.

Operation protocol : The house protocol will be sent to you at the time of registration. It is IMPERATIVE that you read it in order to ensure the smooth running of the event and to avoid any confusion/conflict during the event. It is YOUR responsibility to arrive prepared, which is why we will provide you the documentations in advance. You may be removed from the event if you do not follow the rules. Reminders could be given by the organizer’s staff if necessary.

This event is proposed in order to offer an chance to new players to get introduced to milsim, while multiplying the events appealing to the community. Everyone is welcome if the define requirements are met. We thank you all and looking forward to seeing you in large numbers! Pleasure and Thrills guaranteed!

There will be two factions (JTF3 – 33% / EL Pendejos – 66%) without mixing in order to respect sanitary restrictions. The different scenarios will be presented to you during the event. Each team will receive instructions according to the scenario and will first have to accomplish the identified objective.

The description of their respective missions is as follows:

JTF3: In charge of eliminating the cell of El Pendejos, as well as interrupting any activity undertaken by it (drug trafficking, illegal printing of money, human trafficking, pimping, violent crimes).

Dress code and MANDATORY accessory:
- face protection (covering mouth)
- Google or approved goggles (CSA Z94.3-07 / EN-166A-B / ANSI Z87. 1-2+ or Ballistic MIL-PRF-31013 and MIL-DTL -43511D).
- Flashlight

EL Pendejos: Maintain the clandestine activities of your group in order to maintain your presence in the sector. All means are allowed. The board is counting on you.
Dress code and MANDATORY accessory :
- face protection (covering mouth)
- Google or approved goggles (CSA Z94.3-07 / EN-166A-B / ANSI Z87. 1-2+ or Ballistic MIL-PRF-31013 and MIL-DTL -43511D).
- Flashlight
- Shemagh
- Limit 1.49J or 400 FPS with 0.20g

Places are limited:
Advance registration is recommended, priority is given to registrations on the website.
*No refund for cancellation or no show

MANDATORY dress code and accessory:
- Shemagh (on sale on site, $11.99 if needed),
- Face protection (covering mouth),
- Google or approved goggles (CSA Z94.3-07 / EN-166A-B / ANSI Z87. 1-2+ or Ballistic MIL-PRF-31013 and MIL-DTL-43511D).
- Flashlight


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From 04/22/2022 18:00
To 04/22/2022 23:59


Army Globe Battlefield Paintball and Airsoft

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